Game Review: Hedbanz Act Up! |

Game Review: Hedbanz Act Up

Ky and I love to play games! Video games, Board games….any kind of game! We especially love trying out new games.

Last year just before Christmas Ky saw an advert for Hedbanz Act Up. A new acting family board game. Based on the game Hedbanz, you have to guess, before the time runs out who, what or where you are from others acting out your card. It’s for 2-6 players and it’s from age 8+. So being the fabulous Mum that I am, I brought it for Ky for Christmas.

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Hedbanz Act Up was created by Spin Master Games who where founded in 1994. They also the same company behind the popular games, Beat the Parents and The Logo Board Game.

You can get this game from any reputable toy shop or any department store. The RRP is £17.99 however I believe I got this game in a special deal and paid about £13.00.

So what do you get in the box:

6 Adjustable Headbands in different colours

180 Act Up Cards

6 Player Cards

1 Die

1 Timer

72 Tokens

1 Instruction Guide

I have to say we have played this game a number of times and with a different amount of players. Although the game says it’s for 2-6 players we had the most fun when we had 6 players. It made the game more fun and was especially funny when you had the 5 other players acting out your card and everyone’s way of acting it out was very, very different.

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Overall this is a fantastic game. You will most certainly have so much fun and be laughing till your belly hurts! I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys playing charades!

Ky’s Rating:  5 out of 5 Stars - Rating |

Dee’s Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars - Rating |

Let us know if you also have the game and how you found it? Did you prefer less or more players?