About Dee Angel & Ky

So you want to know more about me, Dee Angel and my wonderful son, Ky…. Let me first start by telling you…

About Life Parenthood Family

I started this blog to document my journey and experiences of life, while navigating parenthood, all while trying to maintain a single parent family unit!

Although this is a personal blog, I will also focus on providing and sharing information that other parents would find helpful on the journey through parenthood. There have been many times I would have liked to know whether a toy, app, book, film etc, is child and family friendly. Even some restaurants we have visited are not always child and family friendly and it would have been nice to have some information prior. So this was the reason I created this blog. Not only will there be reviews but I will also be sharing my tips on parenting, health, finance and anything I think may be of help to any parents especially single parents.

So Who Am I?

Dee Angel | Lifeparenthoodfamily.co.ukHi! I’m Dee Angel…

A 30-something, event planner, balloon decorator and Youtuber from Essex raising a fantastic 10 year old boy called Ky.

I AM a creative soul who loves to be able to share my creativity with the world…basically I AM a positive spirit enjoying a human experience!

Dee’s Quick Favourites Quiz

Movie: The Color Purple

TV Show: Person of Interest

Food: Chinese

Snack: Cupcakes 😉



Ky in New Kit | Lifeparenthoodfamily.co.ukHi! I’m Ky…

An 12 year old football and car fanatic! I love lego, collecting toy and remote controlled cars and I enjoying playing a number of different sports, mainly Football! I currently play for a local team and I enjoy playing matches every Sunday…although my mum would love the occasionally Sunday lie in.

Ky’s Quick Favourites Quiz

Movie: InsideOut

TVShow: Teen Titans Go

Food: Chinese

Snack: Crisps 🙂

Season: Summer

Animal: Tiger

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