Review: Apple Summer Camps |

Review: Apple Summer Camps

Summer holidays are always a struggle! Trying to keep your child entertained for a whole 6 weeks can be so difficult. This year I really wanted Ky to try some different things, so the Apple Summer Camps were just the thing!

Just before the end of June, Ky’s Godmother told me about Apple Summer Camps. She told me to hurry and register before all the spaces go. So I registered Ky the very same day!

What are Apple Summer Camps?

Apple Summer Camps are free 3 day workshops which take place in July and August for children aged 8 -12. In these workshops children will learn how to use Apple products and software.

What are the workshops?

This year (2016) the workshops available were:

Stories in motion – Children learn how to film, edit and create a movie using an iPad, MacBook and the iMovie app.

Interactive storytelling – Children learn how to create an interactive book using the iPad pro and pencil, a MacBook and the iBook app.

Coding and Robotics –  Children learn how to use visual blocks and solve puzzles while programming Sphero robots.

Ky said he really wanted to do the Interactive storytelling workshop. So he was booked into a camp at the Westfield Stratford Store the week beginning the 8th August 2016.

You will then receive an email confirming your booking along with a Camp Permission Statement. This is basically a form to fill in, giving consent for your child/children to attend the camp.

What happens at camp?

On the first day we were greeted by the staff running the workshops and Ky was given a free t-shirt.

The workshop started with an initial talk about what they would be doing over the next 3 days.

Day one’s workshop was to get the basis of their story together. This meant coming up with the, who, what, where and when. They then had to start drawing the storyboard for their story. Each child was given an iPad pro and the pencil. Using an app called ‘Sketches’ they drew their characters. At the end of the session they were given an USB so they could save all their pictures.

Before we knew it the workshop for Day 1 was over. What was really good was that they were told to keep working on their stories at home. In essence…it was homework!

The workshop on Day 2, was about putting their book together using the iBook app. They were each given a MacBook and shown how to use some of the software to complete their book. In this session, they added the pictures they had drawn, sound effects and the text of their story.

At the end of the session they saved everything onto their USB. They were told, if they could to finish their stories. This was because in the last workshop they would be showing their stories to everyone. Ky  was unable to finish his story as we do not have a MacBook. However he had already thought about an ending so he was somewhat prepared for the show and tell.

On day 3 of the Apple Summer Camp, all the children showed their books and explained their stories to everyone. They all had worked hard on the stories in such a short time. It was also nice to see the different types of media they used, such as pictures, video and sound effects. They truly tried to make the story as interactive as possible and some added questions at the end!

My Final Thoughts!

All in all I would definitely say that the Apple Summer Camp is worth it! Ky had so much fun! He can’t wait till I get my MacBook so that he can create more interactive books. He also wants to attend again next year but really wants to do the coding workshops!

From a business aspect I can see how clever Apple’s marketing strategy is. These camps definitely make sure that children verve more toward apple products after attending. However there isn’t any pressure to buy any anything once your child has attended. Not unless you count the pressure from your child. You could probably find alternatives to the apps and software used if you are not a big apple fan!

Interested in attending next year’s camps please click here to register.

Did any of your children attend any Apple Summer Camps this year? If so how did they find it?

Did they enjoy or did they find them a bore? Also if you do not own an Apple product would you consider buying one now after attending?

Goals for My 35th Year |

Goals For My 35th Year

It’s that time again! My birthday was a few weeks ago, so with that being said it’s time to set myself new goals for my 35th year!

If you read my post from last year, you will be familiar with the new tradition I have started! Each year on my birthday I will set myself at least 10 goals to be completed over the next 365 days!

So for here are my 10 new goals for my 35th Year!


Last year I wanted to travel more but with moving and starting a new job, travelling was the last thing on my mind! This year I would really like to do more European or UK City weekend breaks. I AM also booking to go to my Brother’s wedding which will take place in October 2017. I also hope to finally visit my cousin in Germany during October Half term.

Lose Weight

My aim is to lose 2 stones! I know this is quite a big feat but I think with hard work and determination I can definitely achieve this goal. I really worked on my diet last year, which I am still in the process of refining. The goal this year, is to increase my physical activity. As per last year the goal is to do more exercise!! Currently I AM in the process of looking for a good gym that doesn’t cost much to join!


There is a lot of decorating to be done in our new place. So I will be working on trying to complete as much as possible.  I AM planning on finishing Ky’s room first and then mine! Then I will work on the front room/dining room and hallway. I’m not planning to rush so I know it maybe a couple of years before everything is exactly how I want it!

Successful Business

I started to work on this goal last year but due to moving and starting a new job, I was unable to complete it. However I have been busy the last few months trying to make this happen. I have completely changed the business, including branding and the services we will be offering. All I need to do now is to finish the website (which I am currently working on) and get promoting! I know that having a successful business can take some time so I AM prepared for this goal to be a continued work in progress!

12 Books in 12 Months

Last year my goal was to read more, this year the goal is simple, to read 12 books in 12 months. Due to this post being nearly a month late, I am already halfway through my 1st book! Not a bad start, methinks!

Clear Braces

After having Ky, my teeth really suffered and I had to have a number of fillings. It is believed that some women suffer loss of calcium when pregnant. Some of these fillings have been hard for the dentist to fill, as some of my teeth slightly overlap. My dentist suggested that by getting my teeth straightened it would make it easier for him to completely fix some of my holes properly. He also stated that I should have been given braces when I was younger!! Not impressed as my original dentist told me my teeth where fine! Anyway I have been told it’s the best treatment for me and I AM hoping to have them fitted before my next birthday.

Graphic Design Course

Another goal that has been rolled over from last year! My main reason for not being able to enrol on the course as yet, has been due to finances and other things taking a priority. The course is extremely expensive but I AM staying positive that I will be able to enrol on the course by August next year.

Saving More

I don’t really feel this needs any real explanation. I would like to save more not just for myself but also for Ky. I have saving accounts for us both but I would like to make regular deposits for us both.

Saying Yes More

As I get older, I AM staring to want to try more new things. Now this may be a new skill or hobby or even going to different types of events that I may not have considered before. I AM always telling Ky to try new things and so I believe I should lead by example! So this goal is about saying yes to trying new things and experiences!

Do you set personal goals for yourself on or around your birthday? If you do share them with me and let me know what you plan to achieve in 365 days!

M.I.A Vlog |

Missing In Action Vlog

New Vlog: Missing in Action

Hey Guys,

Sorry we have been missing in action but we have been so busy settling into our new home and I have also recently started a new job! So life has become a new kind of juggling act.

In this vlog we go shopping and out to eat, where we have the unfortunate pleasure of being sat near to someone who used so much profanity while speaking to his date/girlfriend! And I await the arrival of my friends new baby!

Hope you enjoy! And don’t forget to subscribe to our vlog channel!

Peace and Love